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11 Quotes By Your Favourite Authors



“People just  blindly  grabbed  at  whatever  there  was:  communism, health foods,  zen, surfing,  ballet, hypnotism,  group  encounters, orgies,  biking,  herbs, Catholicism, weight-lifting,  travel,  withdrawal,  vegetarianism,  India,  painting,  writing,  sculpting, composing,  conducting,  backpacking,  yoga,  copulating,  gambling,  drinking,  hanging  around, frozen  yogurt,  Beethoven, Bach,  Buddha,  Christ, TM, H, carrot  juice,  suicide,  handmade  suits, jet  travel,  New  York City,  and  then it  all  evaporated and fell  apart.  People  had to find things  to do while  waiting to die. I  guess  it  was  nice  to have  a  choice.”  Continue reading “11 Quotes By Your Favourite Authors”

There Is Madness Everywhere

a_steady_stream_of_madness_by_tri5tate-d63lovdFrom the area where I lived, nothing ever worked. The lights came on for five minutes and go off for 3 days, the pit latrine was a filled up island of shit dropped by crazy old men who were yet to master the art of “pit shitting” constantly nagging at each other, stealing each others wife and molesting the little children. Everything was crazy. The men were crazy, the women were crazy, and the children were crazy, even the animals were crazy. Continue reading “There Is Madness Everywhere”

Being Nice Is A Stupid Thing To Do

Notice how i did not use ‘being TOO nice..,’ that’s because any form of niceness at all is a very stupid thing to do and when it comes to being nice there is no measure that is good or wise, it is just plain stupid.
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